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Naslovna Novosti EAEA 2011 Conference „New Skills for New Jobs“
EAEA 2011 Conference „New Skills for New Jobs“
07 oktobar 2011

 EAEA conference „New skills for new jobs and the role of non-formal adult education“ will be held on 17th-18th November in Brussels.


The main objectives of the conference are:

·        to inform the participants what the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs is about

·        what impact is it meant to have?

·        what can people expect from different institutions when it comes to coping with changes in society    and the labour market?

·        to provide a basis for EAEA to get involved in this agenda

·        discuss the issue of ‘skills´ and ‘employability´ and their relation to non-formal adult education

·        to help adapt and widen the EAEA statement on the New Skills Agenda

·        launch a discussion with associations from other Education and Training sectors, which could lead to a common project

·        to link the New Skills Agenda to the follow-up of the Action Plan for adult learning

Draft programme comprises, among others, the introduction of the European Comission´s New skills and jobs agenda, presentation of changes in the labour market, working groups on different approaches and projects on skills.

Find out more and register for the conference at http://www.eaea.org/index.php?k=118237